When it comes to HCC's Mission, we embrace the view that "A healthy local church is an outward church" - Luke 14:23 since:
Christ's words command us! - Matthew 28:19
Christ's example convinces us! - Luke 19:10, and
Christ's love compels us! - 2 Corinthians 5:14
With these three reasons, we have chosen to emphasize the following FOUR-B's to describe HCC's Outward Missional focus.  

Belong to a Family - Hebrews 10:25
Believe in JESUS! – John 3:16-171 John 1:9
Become a Follower – John 1:12Mark 1:17
Build God’s Kingdom – Matthew 4:1710:728:19-20
                                    Mark 1:14–1516:15Luke 17:20–21


 Gather…together on Sundays, and by participating in Community Groups & Growth Groups.
Encourage…all believers to be ambassadors of the "Good News" of Jesus Christ, in a way that displays concern for others' spiritual well-being. 

Teach…what Jesus did and the authors of Scripture wrote and taught through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

 Serve…others as Jesus Christ did.